Single Wick Nordic White Flameless Candle


Our beautiful Nordic White flameless candle takes inspiration from our long-standing love affair of the classic white interior. Featuring clean lines to enhance any space, you’ll notice that less really is more. 

All remote enabled, each candle features our newest generation technology packed with options including multiple timer and brightness preferences.

Pillar Specifications
• Handmade from virgin paraffin wax so it looks and feels like a traditional candle
• Patented 3D Wick design that looks good from every angle in the room
• Available in Classic Ivory or Nordic White Smooth so your design elements are covered
• Flat top edge looks like a new candle every time it is lit
• Economical as well as stunning, 2 AA batteries will offer up to 400 hours of ambient mood
lighting without resorting to the hard to find, expensive C or D batteries.
• Built in 6-hour timer function with manual 24 override option so you can enjoy instant
candlelight without lifting a finger

Sizes available -




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